If you are unfortunate enough that your property is in an area that could flood, prepare your property well in advance to reduce the risk of flood water getting inside. 

Sandbags: contact local builders’ merchants for stocks of bags and sand.

Doors and windows: buy automatic flood-proof doors and windows, or purpose-built flood boards that can be fitted when flooding is expected. Raise door thresholds to help keep shallow water out.

Exterior walls: check the pointing, and apply water-proofing sealant to exterior walls.

Floors: raise damp-proof brick courses.  Seal floors or replace wooden flood boards with concrete with a damp-proof membrane.  Be aware that water can enter where the floor and walls join.

Air bricks: buy automatic flood-proof air bricks or specially designed covers that are easy to fit over air bricks when flooding is expected.

Drains and pipes: fit non-return valves to drains and water inlet and outlet pipes.  This will prevent wastewater from flowing back into the property through sewerage pipes for ground floor toilets and sinks.

Barriers: you could arrange free-standing temporary flood barriers, but remember that water could still get in through the drainage system

Before a flood:

  1. Find out if you can receive flood warnings
  2. Prepare and keep a list of all your important contacts
  3. Think about which items you can move now and which items you would want to move to safety during a flood such as pets, cars, furniture and electrical equipment
  4. Know how to turn off gas, electricity and water supplies.

During a flood:

  1. Switch off water, gas and electricity at mains when water is about to enter your home.  Do not touch sources of electricity when standing in water
  2. Fit flood protection products if you have them
  3. Put plugs in sinks and baths.  Weigh them down with a pillowcase or plastic bag filled with soil
  4. If you do not have non-return valves fitted, plug water inlet pipes with towels or cloths
  5. Disconnect equipment that uses water, like washing machines and dishwashers.

By being prepared and having a flood plan in place, should help to protect your home.

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