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Our Managing Director Sarah Mellor, founded the Company in 2011.  Sarah has over twenty years’ experience managing health and safety predominantly for international food manufacturing organisations.  This has equipped her with the skills to initiate change and influence cultures, within fast moving environments with various organisational challenges

“I was extremely pleased with the Safety Rep Training. It was a great mix of slides, videos and interactive sessions. It was suitable for everyone present. I thought Sarah was a brilliant trainer and brought everyone into the interactive sessions.”

Mr D Turner, Manufacturing Manager – Hereford Contract Canning.

Choosing the right Health and Safety Consultancy to assist you is essential!

Unlike many health and safety consultancies, we don’t hide behind paperwork and offer generic services, but offer a ‘hands on’ and ‘can do’ health and safety approach by providing jargon free advice which is specific to your company. This has proved invaluable in growing our reputation as a leading health and safety consultancy over the past decade. We will dedicate a consultant to spend the time consulting with you, to identify the areas where your organisation is most at risk and ascertain the best approach to managing your health and safety risks and improving your safety culture resulting in everyone taking pro-active steps and taking responsibility for themselves.
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Shropshire health and safety, why choose us?
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