Q1. Statistically, what is the most common risk while decorating your christmas tree?

a. The christmas fairy attacking you
b. Falling from a ladder/chair
c. Children or pets knocking the tree over
d. Glass tree decorations breaking and piercing skin
e. Arguments with your family about how it should be decorated

Q2. What is the biggest risk when opening presents on christmas day?

a. Cutting yourself with knives or scissors
b. Santa might not have brought you what you asked for in your letter to him
c. Injury from poor manual handling
d. You may have been bought socks – again

Q3. What should you consider when putting lights onto your christmas tree?
a. Do they look nice?
b. Energy saving bulbs
c. Are the lights in good working order and safe to use on an indoor tree
d. Can you connect them up to the lam post outside your house

Q4. What precautions should you take when walking on snow and ice?
a. Don’t trip over people carrying their shopping on a sledge
b. Make sure you don’t look stupid
c. Sensible footwear and watch carefully where you are walking
d. Be prepared for kids with snowballs

Q5. What is the biggest risk of eating undercooked Turkey on Christmas Day?
a. Spending Boxing Day in the bathroom
b. Damaging your teeth on turkey bones
c. Bacteria and food poisoning
d. It may put you off eating turkey sandwiches for the rest of the festivities

Q6. What is the biggest risk to Santa being on your roof?
a. Getting stuck in the chimney
b. Getting pelted with snowballs by kids
c. The roof may collapse
d. He may be drunk from all the sherry people have left for him
e. He is working at height and has no fall arrest system in place

Q7. What is the main hazard of roasting chestnuts on an open fire?
a. Jack frost nipping on your nose
b. Yuletide songs being sung by a choir
c. The fire is unguarded
d. Folks dressed up like eskimos

Answers: Q1 – b, Q2 – a, Q3 – c, Q4 – c, Q5 – c, Q6 – e, Q7 – c

On a serious note, significant accidents do occur at Christmas time. If you need any support to ensure you and your business are fully protected, then please contact us.

We hope you have a healthy, happy and safe Christmas and New Year